Joshua study guide

Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle (Bible Study) Do you or someone you know struggle with worry or anxiety? Join me for a six-week in-depth study on the book of Joshua where we'll explore powerful … This self-study guide to the book of Joshua gives you a firsthand account of the conquest and division of the land of Canaan by the Israelites. God commanded Israel, under the leadership of Joshua, to destroy the Canaanites along with their corrupt and immoral lifestyle, which was abhorrent to Him. Joshua, God’s Warrior 2 Table of contents Lesson Page Introduction 3 Overview 4 Lesson 1 Joshua becomes God’s leader 5 Lesson 2 The red cord in the window 13 Lesson 3 The fall of Jericho 19 Lesson 4 The sin of Achan 27 Lesson 5 The story of the Gibeonites 35 Lesson 6 Joshua Page #11 Study Notes on Joshua East to west the area is about 30 miles across in the north and 55 miles in the south. The whole territory is smaller than almost every individual state of the USA. When Israel inherited the land, it was very fertile and productive Genesis Through Joshua - by Jim McGuiggan Aims of the study 1. To mature the conviction of the student that history does reflect purpose and thus a guiding hand behind it. 2. Joshua Lesson Guide For videos, manuscripts, and other resources, visit Third Millennium Ministries at thirdmill.Org. ... Community, but they also can be used for individual study if necessary. ... Joshua set the example saying, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (24:15).