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Night Hound throws a smoke bomb at target location. Enemies standing within the smoke are silenced and will have a higher chance to miss with their attacks. Enemies within the cloud also have 25% reduced movement and attack speed. Skill 2: Pounce Night Hound teleports to a target unit. Download Heroes Of Newerth, Night Hound, Ferocious Leo Avatar Wallpaper for Windows / Mac, Notebook,iPhone and other Smartphones Heroes of Newerth Artillery Guide, Build, Strategy, Gameplay. ... New Zodiac Night Hound Avatar: Ferocious Leo-Hercules was rightfully wary when Leo the Nemean Lion descended from the heavens with a supposed desire to help the Legion, but after countless battles in which the ferocious beast decimated Hellbourne daemons and helped turn the tide ... Hazus Field, West (West Hazus Field): Killer Bee x2-3, Night Hound x1-2; Hazus Field, East (East Hazus Field): Killer Bee x2-3, Night Hound x1-2; Hazus's Scar. Event: Story Related then Fight; Fight: Grugund Captain x1, Grugund Soldier x6. Stolen: Grugund Captain (Silver Bullion, Stone of Life) EX Stolen: Grugund Captain (Ring of Luck, Ice Vein)

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HoN Patch Changelog แปลไทย | Heroes of Newerth - HoN เกมส์ไกด์ ฮีโร่ สกิล ไอเทม เทคนิคการออกข Version ————- รายชื่อฮีโร่ฟรีมีดังนี้:* Flint Beastwood* Night Hound…